Upcoming Northeastern Biennial




Published! I have a page spread in international contemporary art volume 10. For more information about the book, check out http://www.incoartists.com


Birdhouse Project

The following is a project my wife, Amy, and I just completed and will be showing July 11th. The birdhouse will be on display and for say at…


2015 painting style

It is the characters within a work of art that play off each other that make a work of art original. The characters who set the story are…


Studio and studio renovations 

Spring is here and with it comes many different projects. All winter I have been painting in our extra bedroom in the house and you can see some…


What it Means to have Fun

  I’m an elementary school art teacher. I love my job because I can be a kid all day long. The best part is going outside and getting my…


Moon light

Moon reflection within the night sky. The dot you see is not the moon but a reflection off the surrounding clouds into the camera. The moon is actually…

Portriat of Ryan Hnat

The First Post

It is amazing the ability to write and post information out into the world so quickly and have comments made on these post in a matter of minutes. …